Kayaks package deals in time for Christmas

Package Deals.Limited to existing inventory.

Packages include a Carlisle Daytripper one piece paddle and a Extra Sport Endeavor PFD.

Limited to existing inventory, Paddle and PFD can be upgraded.

We can store your purchased Kayak and accessories until pickup or delivered just before Christmas.

Vapor 10, Paddle and PFD. $529.00 Sold out.

Vapor 10xt with Paddle and PFD. $649.00

Vapor 10 Angler, Paddle and PFD. $649.00                             Sold out


Heron 9 XT with Paddle and PFD. Sold out

Heron 11xt with Paddle and PFD. $699.00

Rip 10 with Paddle and PFD. $865.00

Volador kayak with Paddle, and PFD. $558.00                               only a few left


Strider with Paddle and PFD. $529.00                            only a one left


Banzai with paddle and PFD $495.00 2 only